The must-do of RIVERSONG – our spa baths!

Delight in a unique and highly beneficial experience – an open air bath with spring water from our own springs. These were the very waters that in the 19th century made the glory of the great spa hotels from Bex-les-Bains!

Comfortably seated in an authentic larch barrel and soaking in mineral enriched, salted spring waters (we use pure local salt mined nearby) – you will look out onto spectacular views of the Swiss Alps and experience all their purity, silence and majesty. We heat the water for you (between 36º and 40º according to your wishes) which is naturally heated by logs cut from the nearby forests or by solar.

photo bains - 1 photo bains - 2 photo bains - 3

The virtues of these spring waters, with added original alpine salt, have been praised for nearly two centuries by the doctors who treated the spa guests of Bex-les-Bains. Their invigorating and stimulating action and their re-energising mineralization make it possible, among other things to: fight against stress and depression by strengthening the nervous system, regulate the cutaneous circulation and the functions of the skin, prevent menopausal disorders, protect the body against colds and catarrhal affections and to strengthen the body’s immunity in general.

The open-air esplanade includes a hot tub and six larch wooden barrels with a tripod, seat, and wood stove – arranged in a circle and surrounded by an organic braided rumex enclosure.

These baths require a personalized preparation and are on reservation only.

Texts : Sandrina Cirafici. Photographs : Bernard Pulfer, Stéphane D. Schlup